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Welcome to Volt Hair Studio.


Why Volt? When I thought of the salon that I wanted for myself I wanted a place where people felt uplifted, where they felt comfortable to bring their kids/family! A place that made you feel good coming in and out of the salon even when you don't have an appointment.


The four H's we live by 

Home - Feel as comfortable as your home 

Health - We use the best products to keep you, our staff and your hair healthy

Harmony - We all work as a team 

Hope - We hope that we can create a space where you always feel lifted and enlightened

So if you are looking for a pep in your step Volt is the place for you!

Our Team.


"When I thought of entering the salon world 10 years ago I never thought of planning a wedding, listening to someones good or bad day, the passing of ones family member, someone becoming a grandparent for the first time or even their first day of school. I have become more than just my clients hairstylist. I have loved and appreciated all the opportunities this career has given me. To be able to give an inviting space for my guest, meet some outstanding people along the way and oh yeah create some beautiful art through hair! To me that is success and more than what I could have ever thought of."

- Allie Lauria




"Through my journey as stylist I have found my passion for not only hair, but for connecting and cherishing the relationships I have with my clients. My passion will never let me stop learning and creating something beautiful every single day. I'm always up for learning something new and keeping up with the new styles and techniques. My goal as your hairstylist is to have you leaving my chair feeling as beautiful as ever, and for you to have had a memorable and cherished experience here at Volt! "

-Alexis Warner






(reception/social media

"My perspective has always been people. Seeing someones face light-up about something they are passionate about is what makes my day. I always want to make people feel welcomed and comfortable to talk about anything from their breakfast to the lately drama. I sadly can't control everything in the world, but if I can at least have you laughing by the time you are walking out of our doors, I've done my job!"

-Sara Omslaer

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