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Please fill out information below before you appointment so we can give you the best service possible! 

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Answer questions below

How did you hear about us

If referred, who was the referral? 

Do you currently have hair color? 
If yes, please provide if it was professional hair color
or box/at home coloring 

Are you currently taking any medications?

IF yes please list:

Do you have any allergies that we should be aware about? 

Please list products that you are currently using

What is the one thing that you want your stylist to know about you/your hair?

How do you like to style your hair?

If you use styling tools please provide:

ex (curling iron, flat iron etc.)

IF this is a color correction or looking for a fashion color please provide image of your current hair. 

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In the case an issue arises please contact your Stylist immediately as they will be the first step in resolving it. Please contact the salon immediately if you have any concerns regarding your service. Any concerns addressed after 2 weeks will be dealt with as a new service. If your toner or color has faded prematurely and you have been using recommended products, the refresh will be done at no cost to you. If the responsibility of the issue falls on your Stylist, this will be no cost to you. If you changed your mind on your service or want to add additional color, this will be treated as a new service and charged accordingly. We have a no refund policy but will make every attempt to correct any issues or concerns. Your satisfaction is our goal. 

Color does not lift color, there is a lightening process involved and results are unpredictable. Regular treatments and toning will need to be upkept. 

  1. Each session may require a full application, each one fine tuning any inconsistencies exposed during the lightening process. 

  2. We do not guarantee any color products unless they are purchased from an authorized salon. Target, Walmart, Amazon, or any major retailer or drugstore are not considered authorized dealers. The products from these establishments have proven to be counterfeit and 

often full of bacteria, watered down or expired. 

Salon services vary by individual and may require multiple steps and/or visits to create the desired final look. Our mission is to make guests feel cared for and satisfied with the services they receive within this salon & spa location. For any personalized plan, please keep in mind that adjustments may be made to achieve your goals and/or to keep your hair healthy. 

Please salon below agreeing to these terms and conditions of Volt Hair Studio.


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